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If immigrating to Canada were that easy, there would not be so many busy Canadian immigration lawyers. The thing is, most professionals need guidance in order to determine the best immigration categories for their situation and their goals and to create well-presented submissions. Finding superior solutions entails analyzing and comparing provincial and federal categories that are complex and ever changing; as precipitated by the economic and social needs of each province in Canada and the aims of the particular political parties in power.

Moreover, your supporting documents must be prepared and presented in a manner that suits the requirements and preferences of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada. You will be competing against many thousands of applicants with comparable education, ideas and/or experience.

As an active entrepreneur or as an investor, you know that time and opportunity might be wasted if you do not have the expertise you need when you need it. It also helps to have contacts on the ground, immensely.

At Business Visa Canada, our clients choose us because have earned a high success rate due to the fact that we are strategic, connected and informed. We use knowledge like the powerful weapon that it is in defence of your interests to get you here, in Canada, as efficiently as possible.



Save yourself time, avoid unnecessary struggle

You have so much to do. We know. That is why our services are specific to the needs of Entrepreneurs and Investors like you who are managing hyperactive professional and personal lives.

Business Visa Canada is an energetic team of tech-friendly Legal Professionals and Consultants who know what it takes to succeed  here.  We are located in Toronto, Canada, i.e. the largest city and financial centre of our nation.  Our head office is within driving distance of the Kitchener-Waterloo Region which, along with Toronto, forms the Technology/Start-up hub of Canada.

Our staff consists of Lawyers, Relocation Experts and Certified Financial Professionals who will guide you through the pre-application as well as the immigration application and settlement processes, efficiently.  Our expertise includes:

  • Full Legal Representation before Citizenship and Immigration Canada

  • Business Plan Assistance from a Certified Financial Professional who has proven skill in the preparation of successful Plans for Business Immigrants

  • Corollary Settlement Services for your entire team, including family members

Enjoy Cost Effective Service at a Premium Standard

Business Visa Canada maximizes the use of technology to keep our fees truly competitive.  Because we cater specifically to Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Investors, we appreciate that our clients choose us because we provide premium service at reasonable price points.

Our Services

Canada is one of the best countries in the world for supporting the success of Entrepreneurs and Investors.  We are consistently ranked within the top 3 of the world’s most sound banking systems by the World Economic Forum.  Our nation's corporate tax rates are relatively low as well.   In fact, we are consistently rated within the top 10 of the best countries on the globe for business by Forbes magazine.  Perhaps most importantly, our quality of life surpasses all others!

Therefore, now is the perfect time to make your move to Canada, particularly while the Start-up Visa and various Provincial Nominee Programs are in effect.  

Start-Up, Entrepreneur and Investor Class Immigration

  • Start-up Visa: Canada is the only G20 state with a Start-up Visa that grants successful applicants Permanent Resident Status, rather than temporary business visitor classification; and a direct path to Citizenship.

  • Investor Category Immigration

  • Business Visitor Class Immigration

  • Foreign Trade Agreement Mobility (NAFTA, CETA, CPTPP, etc.)

  • Provincial Nominee Programs - Business Immigrant / Entrepreneur Categories

Legal Services

Our legal team represents your interests before the Government of Canada. We have the knowledge to educate you about the requirements and expectations of Citizenship and Immigration Canada regarding Business Immigrants. As such, you are kept abreast of any recent changes in Immigration Law and/or procedure that may effect your application.  Therefore, you can have the confidence that our submissions on your behalf are persuasive and detailed.  We are always thinking several steps ahead.

Business Plans for Immigrant Entrepreneurs/Start-Ups 

The Business Plan is your ticket to eligibility for Entrepreneur Visas such as Canada's famous Start-Up Visa.  For a superior plan, you should have it prepared by a professional who is skilled at creating plans for immigration purposes.  Wouldn't you agree?  That is why we prefer our in-house Business Plan specialists.  We know them.  We trust them.  We know their work.   

BVC Customized Relocation Services

Depending upon your needs, we can furnish you with amenities such as:

  • Commercial / Residential Real Estate Services

  • Recognizance regarding neighbourhoods

  • Assistance acquiring a nanny / au pair

Simply indicate the relocation services that you prefer.


Find your next great investment

In the course of doing business, we meet some truly gifted start-up founders who are open to additional investors. If you are looking for projects in which to invest, feel free to contact our office via email at: info@businessvisacanada.com.