Start-Up Visa is the Real Deal

If you happen to be a multi-millionaire investor looking to emigrate, there are many countries in which you can, in effect, purchase your permanent residency for a "king's ransom".  

However, if you are an Entrepreneur who is aiming to start/move and grow your enterprise in a new and extremely business-friendly land, then Canada ought to be your number one choice; especially now that we have the Start-Up Visa.

Former Minister of Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Jason Kenney

Former Minister of Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Jason Kenney

Why Canada?

Canada has become the land of opportunity for people with big ideas and new inventions, seeking a high standard of living with relative freedom and prosperity.  We have even taken the bold step of putting billboards in Silicon Valley to announce to the world this striking place we have taken in it.

These are not only our opinions, either.  According to the evaluations of international think tanks and observers, Canada is:

(Even Vogue Magazine has rated Toronto, Canada #2 in the top 15 coolest neighbourhoods in the world.)

So, if you have a successful business or a viable business idea, the Start-Up Visa could be your avenue to prosperity for your venture, you and your family.  

Start-Up Visa is About Entrepreneur Success

The government of Canada is invested in your success as well.  The Start-up Visa was invented to be the antidote to immigrant investor programs that unabashedly swallow foreign money and give permanent resident status in exchange ... eventually.

Our Start-up Visa requires that a third-party expert deem your business a good investment with a strong chance of producing jobs for Canadians.  This is no cash grab, but a legitimate means to build up Canada's economy in the long term.

There are three streams:

  1. Venture Capitalist Stream:  You must attract 200 000 dollars from one or more of the designated venture capitalist funds
  2. Angel Investor Stream:  Your enterprise must obtain 75 000 dollars from a member of an affiliated Angel Investor Group
  3. Incubator Stream:  Your business must be Approved by a participating Business Incubator

Upon receipt of a Letter of Support from one of the above-mentioned evaluators, you and four other members of your business team are eligible to apply for a Start-Up Visa.

Pre-Application Process Is Key

Therefore, it is crucial that your business proposal, plan and related documents are superior.  Thus, your choice of financial and legal advisers is highly important.  This is why our firm specializes in start-up, entrepreneur and investor immigration exclusively.  We have mastered the Canadian business and legal systems.  Our group of financial and business development experts will help you construct a tailor-made proposal that will attract the Investment support you need to gain a Start-Up Visa.  Our top-tier legal professionals will put together an outstanding Immigration Application on your behalf as well.

That is why at BUSINESS VISA CANADA, we are more than a law firm; we are an Immigration "Accelerator" for your enterprise.

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