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Angela Scarlett, Esq. - Immigration Lawyer at BVC

I have worked closely with Angela on a number of matters. She has provided compliance and policy drafting services on behalf of our firm. Her strengths include an ability to grasp and master complex litigation issue matters quickly, a stead-fast work ethic, and superior drafting abilities. Angela is proactive, solutions-oriented, and a pleasure with which to work. She is a team player and is always willing to go the extra mile.
— K. Lai, Cassels, Brock and Blackwell LLP, Canada
That is quite a document. I can see why you are an attorney. I have nothing to possibly add. You have hit hard all the main points. Presentation is superb ... I wish we had an attorney like you representing my group with our hospital negotiations.
— Dr. D. Singer, MD; U.S.A. and Canada
Angela, many thanks for your assistance with my legal matter. You are a great lawyer. You were totally reliable and your assessments were always accurate. What’s more, you are a true professional with a very high character ... I will definitely recommend your office to my contacts.
— Dr. A. Youssif, MChD; Toronto and Cairo
Angela’s ability to translate complex legal matters into easier to digest information, is superior to many lawyers who I have met ... Due to her combination of legal knowledge and personal care; all of Angela’s clients view her as an excellent lawyer. Of late, I have personally seen Angela take on the complex world of Business Immigration in both the Canada and USA at a level I have never seen. Her expertise should be leveraged by entrepreneurs, business professionals and Senior Government bureaucrats to attract skilled immigrants. Additionally, those seeking to re-locate to Canada or the USA, should utilize her services! There is no business immigration lawyer better than Angela!
— R. Dockery, CEO, Higher Eye Training & Consulting, Toronto, Canada
Angela ... We found your research to be immeasurable as we seek to comply with all legislation and legislative bodies that govern our company. We would also like to thank you for expediting this top priority for us and your summary dossier was much appreciated by our President
— Senior Executive, ACE INA, Canada
Angela is a tremendous immigration lawyer. She takes full responsibility for her role and provides work that is professional, speedy and very detail oriented. Interacting with Angela has proven to be a positive experience; as she is pleasant and personable. Angela is an excellent writer and verbal communicator. She is also reliable and readily available for her clients. I highly recommend using Angela’s services.
— S. Majstorovic, Toronto, Canada
Angela is a lawyer with a passion for achieving excellence in her work. She focuses on the details of her work —- an extremely important trait that every lawyer should have. She is very hardworking and well organized; a credit to our profession.
— E. Gordon, Lawyer, Toronto, Canada