We Choose to Stand Out Rather Than Blend In

From the way we bill our fees to our level of responsiveness to you as our client, we do things differently than most law firms.  It is because we think and act like Entrepreneurs first.  Here are some examples of what that means in concrete terms:

  • We use flat fees. Yes, flat fees only. We have a fixed price list that you can review while together we determine the services required to put your enterprise in the most favourable position for Citizenship and Immigration Canada approval. No hourly rates here. You need to know what to budget for the successful running of your business. Our fee structure helps you do that. Our mandate to accelerate solutions touches every aspect of our operations.

  • We have great connections. If you have a service need that is outside of our practice areas, we have relationships with various top boutique law firms and business professionals who make our clients a priority. Our colleagues respect our business model and work with it compatibly. We are discerning about who we recommend to you.

  • We are more than a law firm. We are an Immigration "Accelerator": Our Legal, Relocation and Financial Analysis and Advisory teams work well together to bring our clients high-end service at a reasonable cost level.